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"Heart Of A Warrior" - (Documentary) 

Steve Best - DP / Producer / Director / Writer 


What is a journey? It's a process, a discovery... "We fight for our first breathe in life, we fight to walk, we fight to survive and we fight for our last dying breathe" What defines a true champion and what does it mean to be successful? Fighting is not choosing a life of violence, it's about respect, showing up, being there, overcoming everyday obstacles to persevere and move forward. Standing up for what you believe in and to become an inspiration and a voice for those that have none.  It's showing others the way to succeed, even after we fail, how we pick ourselves back up and learn from our mistakes. This is how we achieve greatness. - steve best 


Cheick Kongo, Rampage Jackson, Shane Carwin, Trevor Wittman, Amal Easton, Nate Marquart

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