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Updated: Oct 10, 2018

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What does it take to become a champion, to be successful in life? Has today’s society lost sight of what defines greatness, leadership, or being a good role model? Do money, popularity, greed, corruption, deception and selfishness, dictate who we should listen to, respect, have educate us, or trust as leaders?  Are we losing sight of the fact that courage, vision, experience, integrity, hard work, humility, focus, honesty, respect, passion, equality, dedication, and accountability are qualities that are sexy and powerful!

I often hear terms thrown around without regard: “I want to be an influencer.” “How many followers do you have?” “Are you following…?” Are we all just becoming conditioned to be a society full of followers? Does anyone still aspire to lead with purpose these days, rather than be motivated by status? Would you rather be a trendsetter with the ability to empower, make an impact or elevate friends, significant others, colleagues, employees, a country, or the world around you? It really could be as basic as an act of kindness, respect or acknowledging someone who makes the effort!

Will the youth of today be the great leaders of tomorrow, or do they prefer to be spectators and commentators, watching life unfold on social media? Will they work diligently and tirelessly for what they want, or accept the status quo and expect everything to be handed to them?

As a storyteller and a creative, I’m driven by my curiosity to seek out and discover what motivates others. There are times I’m a researcher, a journalist, or an observer. I crave learning not just from books and the accounts of others, but by going out and experiencing. Immersing myself in the experience allows me to be objective, share people’s stories, engage, and ask questions that help me understand and communicate better on a deeper and emotional level.  My hope is always to inspire others, connect people, provoke a thought, an idea, or just start a conversation that ignites a spark, that could perpetuate change or lead to new possibilities.

Some of my most rewarding and life-changing moments have been encountering and sharing experiences with people from different cultures around the world. Exploring, learning, and helping others, while respecting everyone’s unique journey and contribution, have taught me so much about myself and what is truly important to me.

I’m always amazed to find, when visiting countries where there are those with so little, that they seem to be the happiest. The love and joy that illuminates from

their faces is infectious and remains imprinted into my memories.

Revisiting this film from a number of years ago evoked a conversation within me, so I wanted to share it with you… What defines success? To me, success should be something deeply personal that we all strive for: to be the best at whatever we do. It should not be defined by society as the dollar figure in your bank account, or your popularity with Instagram followers.  Be a champion for your children, your spouse, your colleagues: show up, don’t give up, work hard, be accountable, be the coach who has the vision to cultivate passion and talent within a child, to help create opportunity for others. Never forget that someone gave you that opportunity as well! Do it for the right reasons – we can all be champions and do it the right way, with integrity!

Let’s start a compelling conversation and get back to the heart of what we all need to do to become a champion!

More to come...

Steve Best

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